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Top Knowledge Healthcare Students Get Top Scores on 2015 GNA Certification Exam

Recently, the Maryland Board of Nursing released their list of 2015 GNA certification exam pass rates in Maryland, which includes all private schools and community colleges in Baltimore. Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute appeared toward the top of t

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What to Know about Renewal of CNA Certification in Baltimore

If you’re working as a CNA or GNA in Baltimore, Maryland, making sure that your certification is up to date each year is critical. Working without valid credentials can lead to serious problems. CNA certification is the basic level of certific

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New GNA Certification Program!

Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute is proud to announce the launch of its Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA) program. It’s an 85-hour course approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission and the Maryland Board of Nursing. It’s designed

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How to Find a Flexible CNA Training Program

If you’re considering enrolling in a CNA training program, one place you may get stuck on is finding one that is accommodating to your schedule. Since CNA certification requirements are labor intensive and include many hours of work, including

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Understanding the Breakdown of CNA Training Programs

When you’re learning about the various requirements for CNA certification, you probably see the same things over and over – theory, laboratory, and clinical components. If you’re considering enrolling in a CNA training program, becoming more in

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Free CNA/GNA Career Night at Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute

Pursuing a career as a certified nursing assistant or geriatric nursing assistant (CNA or GNA, respectively) is an exciting step to take in your life. If you’re considering taking the leap, but aren’t quite sure, Top Knowledge Healthcare Institut

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Why Choose Hands-On CNA Training Instead of Online Classes?

If you’re considering pursuing your CNA or GNA certification, you’ve no doubt come across a variety of online courses promising quick certification and a convenient way to learn all that you need to know to pass your required exams. While those o

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A Guide to Free and Low-Cost CPR Classes in Baltimore, MD

If you need to find a class in Baltimore for your CPR or First Aid Certification, it can be a bit overwhelming to research all of the options available near you. Digging through all of the locations, different costs associated with classes, and the o

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What You Can Do With A Nursing Assistant Certification

When you make the decision to start working toward your CNA—nursing assistant certification, one of the attractions may be that there are many different career paths you can take with it. Being a CNA allows for a lot of flexibility when it comes

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Requirements for Obtaining a Nursing Assistant Certification in Maryland

If you’re considering becoming a nursing assistant, you’ve likely been doing some research about what is required to achieve that goal. You also probably know that the state of Maryland requires a nursing assistant certification before becomin

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