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Top Knowledge is a firm believer that when our students succeed, the school succeeds. With that being said, we are totally committed to the success of ALL our students. Because of that commitment, we have equipped the school with the resources needed to help our students excel in the CNA/GNA training program.


The classroom consists of a whiteboard, projector, projector screen and a computer. In this era, incorporating technology in the classroom has now become the standard. The amenities in the classroom allow the instructor to deliver lectures via PowerPoint. Also, it allows the incorporation of instructional videos, and educational games.


The laboratory is available to offer the student the opportunity to gain hands on experience and confidence in performing nursing assistant skills. The laboratory experience was created to simulate the environment in which our graduates will work. In addition, the laboratory is well equipped with the necessary supplies to prepare our graduates for the healthcare environment.

Practicing using equipment in the healthcare environment is a central part of the laboratory experience. Students will receive individual instruction and guidance in the performance of key nursing assistant skills, including vital signs, hygiene, grooming, nutrition, toileting, principles of infection control, and how to safely lift, position and move patients, etc.


The suite is equipped with a library/resource center. Students can study one-on-one or conduct study groups. The library also has a big screen television that will allow the student to stream instructional material from the Internet. In addition, students can view step-by-step demonstration of nursing assistant skills by using the CD that accompanies their textbook via the television in the library/resource center if they don’t have the resources to do so on their own.

Student Lounge

The suite is equipped also with a student lounge. The student lounge allows the students to have a place to eat and mingle with each other before class, during their lunch break and after class.

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