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Patient Care Technician (PCT) Training Program Description & Classes

Join Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute’s PCT training program and be on your way to becoming a PCT!

What is a Patient Care Technician (PCT)?

In the state of Maryland, a PCT is a certified nursing assistant (CNA) who has received training on how to perform advanced skills such as urinary catheter insertion/removal, EKGs, venipuncture (phlebotomy), IV removal, and more.

How can I get certified as a PCT?

To get certified as a PCT, the first step is earning your CNA certification. In the state of Maryland, all PCTs are CNAs. Upon completion of the CNA certification program, one would enroll in Top Knowledge’s PCT program.

What will I learn in my PCT classes?

Along with lecture, students enrolled in the PCT training program are taught practical hands-on skills too. Students enrolled in our PCT program will learn how to:

  • Perform glucose checks on live individuals
  • Setup a sterile field
  • Perform sterile wound dressing changes
  • Perform urinary catheterization and removal
  • Discontinue intravenous (IV) catheters
  • Perform electrocardiograms (ECGs or EKGs) on live individuals
  • Perform venipuncture (blood draws) on live individuals

Where can I work as a PCT?

PCTs can work in many healthcare settings. These settings include hospitals, dialysis centers and urgent care centers. In these settings, PCTs can works as a:

  1. Patient Care Technician (PCT)
  2. Multifunctional Technician (MFT)
  3. Nurse Support Technician (NST)
  4. Dialysis Technician

Patient Care Technician (PCT) Training Program Enrollment Requirements

  1. Provide proof of a Maryland CNA certification
  2. Bring your photo ID
  3. Possess a high school diploma or GED
  4. Pay the $100.00 registration fee at the time of online registration. Payments can be made by VISA or Mastercard.

Daytime Patient Care Technician (PCT) Training Program Class Schedule

  • Class hours: Saturday from 9 am-5 pm
  • Class Dates: Not Available

Patient Care Technician (PCT) Training Weekend Class Schedule

  • Class hours: Saturday from 9 am-5 pm
  • Class Dates: Not Available
Start Date
End Date
Not AvailableNot Available
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Patient Care Technician (PCT) Training Program Costs

PCT Class & Training Program Payment Plans

AmountDue Date

Enroll in Patient Care Technician (PCT) Classes Near You

To learn more about enrolling in Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute’s Patient Care Technician (PCT) training program, contact us today. We offer convenient weekend, daytime, and evening classes to help make it easier to achieve your goal of becoming a patient care technician.

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