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CNA/GNA Certification and Training Programs

When you’re ready to take your career in a new direction, enrolling in Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute’s CNA/GNA training program is a smart step.

Becoming a CNA or GNA in Maryland can lead to a fruitful career, and the training program can be completed relatively quickly. We offer two paths—the CNA/GNA training program or the GNA program.

Learn more about our programs:

Traditional CNA/GNA Training Program
GNA Certification & Training Program

Program Approvals & Overview

Both programs are approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission and the Maryland Board of Nursing. In each program, there are theory, laboratory, and clinical components that are designed to prepare each student for passing the GNA exam and obtaining their Nursing Assistant licenses.

Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute’s programs are comprehensive training programs that prepare graduates to work in any healthcare setting. There are two different options for coursework—the combined CNA/GNA program, and the GNA program. The GNA exam is not required to become certified as a nursing assistant, however it is required if you want to work in a long-term care setting or on a rehabilitation floor in some hospitals. Additionally, GNA certification can increase the amount of job opportunities one will be qualified for, as well as increase earning potential.

When you finish the training program, you’ll be prepared to take the exam and become a CNA/GNA. We are proud to assist our graduates with job placement, as well—we are committed to offering free, job placement assistance to all students who graduate from Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute.

Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute is conveniently located a one-minute walk from Charles Center Station, as well as along many bus routes, so it’s easy to get here. To learn more about our CNA/GNA and GNA training programs in Maryland, contact us today.

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