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What to Know about Renewal of CNA Certification in Baltimore

If you’re working as a CNA or GNA in Baltimore, Maryland, making sure that your certification is up to date each year is critical. Working without valid credentials can lead to serious problems.

CNA certification is the basic level of certification in Maryland, and any other certifications are in addition to CNA certification. In order to work in any facility or in-home care setup, workers MUST be CNA certified. Once certified, these workers will need to pay attention to when they need to renew their certification. The Board of Nursing in Maryland is responsible for processing CNA certification and renewals, not the testing service or the institution where a person attended CNA training courses.

What to Know About CNA License Renewal

Renewal guidelines are different in each state, but when you receive your CNA license, there should be an expiration date on it. If there isn’t, you’ll need to contact your state’s nursing board website, or contact them to look up your license and find out when you need to renew. In order to get your license renewed, you will need to have worked as a CNA for the required number of hours per week as required by the state, and your record must be clear of complaints of abuse or neglect. Some states also require continued education.

How Often Do You Need to Renew Your CNA Certification

CNA certification is generally for a two-year period, following the date of the first renewal. Thereafter, the CNA certification typically expires on the 28th day of the individual’s birth month in an even or odd year. That is, if the individual is born in an odd year, the certificate will expire in an odd year, and if the individual is born in an even year, the certification will expire in an even year.

Renewal is typically $40 per renewal.

What Happens If You Let Your CNA Certification Lapse

If you don’t renew your certification on time, or your license has changed from active to inactive, you will need to reinstate your license instead of renewing it. The reinstatement process is a bit more in-depth than simple renewal.

For reinstating your license after recent expiration, you will likely need to pay an additional late fee. However, if you are reinstating it because you haven’t been continually employed as a CNA and your license was marked null and void, you will need to follow reinstatement instructions that are similar to the requirements for initially getting a new CNA license. In other words, you will need to apply for a new license, pass a background check, and pass the CNA certification exam. In some states, you may be required to retake training courses.

Because the reinstatement process can take several weeks, you may need to apply for a temporary CNA license for the interim. Your eligibility for one—you cannot work without a license—will depend on the reason for reinstatement.

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