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New GNA Certification Program!

GNA certification classes

Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute is proud to announce the launch of its Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA) program. It’s an 85-hour course approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission and the Maryland Board of Nursing. It’s designed for current CNAs who want to earn their GNA certification.

This course is comprised of a theory, laboratory, and clinical components, ad is a shorter program than the CNA/GNA program. It’s ideal for current CNAs who want to increase their earning potential and job opportunities and save some money while doing so.

What You’ll Learn

In this course, you’ll learn basic nursing skills that include hygiene, nutrition, grooming, toileting, principles of infection control, taking of vital sighs, communication techniques, and how to safely lift and move patients.

The theory portion of the course is 22 hours, the laboratory portion is 23, and the clinical portion is 40 hours. It’s a shorter program than the CNA program, and is ideal for those who have an active CNA license in good standing.

Why You Need It

If you’ve already taken the CNA/GNA course, and didn’t pass the exam the first time around, and the timeframe to retake the exam has passed, you may need a refresher on the coursework and topics that are covered on the exam. However, with the time and money commitment that a CNA course requires, many people consider abandoning that path. With this specialized course, you’ll be able to relearn the information you’ll need to pass the test, without going through the intensive CNA course all over again.

Our GNA certification program will prepare you for the exam, and in turn, prepare you for increased earning potential and more job opportunities.

Why Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute?

Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute has a proven level of success—our GNA exam pass rate is over 95 percent. We also offer job placement help. When you choose this program, you’ll save an average of $400 over taking the standard CNA/GNA course. Not to mention, the time you’ll save is significant, and you’ll be able to earn more money in your field with the GNA certification.

We’re one of just two schools in Maryland offering this course, which can be greatly beneficial to you and your career. Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute is conveniently located a one minute walk away from Charles Center Station, and many bus routes stop in front of the school as well, making it a great option for those who need public transportation.

Our GNA program is an evening program that spans a course of four weeks—it’s a minimal time commitment for something that can significantly improve your career options.

Want to learn more about the GNA or CNA/GNA programs at Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute? We want to hear from you—call us or contact us online today to get more information about our certification programs.

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