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A Guide to Free and Low-Cost CPR Classes in Baltimore, MD

If you need to find a class in Baltimore for your CPR or First Aid Certification, it can be a bit overwhelming to research all of the options available near you. Digging through all of the locations, different costs associated with classes, and the ones that are informational but don’t count toward certification can be a lot to take on, so we’re here to help.

At Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute, we understand the importance of being able to take CPR/First Aid classes and obtain all of the necessary certifications for your career, and that’s why we want to simplify your research process. Not only do we offer CPR/First Aid classes, but we’ve compiled a list of other free and low-cost CPR classes in Baltimore, Maryland, so you can choose the one that is best and most convenient for your schedule and budget.

Free CPR Classes in Baltimore

Though not a certification class, the Baltimore County Fire Department (BCFD) offers a class that teaches “Hands Only CPR.” Hands Only CPR is a technique that virtually anyone can perform in an emergency. It consists of three steps:

1. Call 911

2. Push hard and fast on the center of the victim’s chest

3. If possible, use a portable defibrillator, also known as an AED.

Hands Only CPR does not call for mouth-to-mouth contact, and keeps the victim’s blood pumping and flowing until professional help arrives. It is considered to be just as effective as traditional CPR, however the free class offered by the Baltimore County Fire Dept BCFD. is not a certification course, so if your career path requires certification, this may not be the best option. To register for this free class (which is also available in Spanish), click here.

$: The Basics from Baltimore County Fire Department

CPR courses offered by the BCFD include an interactive video, mannequin, ventilation device, automatic external defibrillator (AED), and an experienced instructor. This $35 class includes lessons and hands-on practices of the procedures necessary to clear airways, recognize the symptoms of a heart attack and assist someone who is having one, assess an unresponsive person, and administer CPR to a victim. Find out more about scheduling and registration by visiting the BCFD’s website.

$$: Top Knowledge CPR/First Aid Classes

Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute offers a low-cost CPR/First Aid Certification class in Baltimore, as well. Here, a certified American Heart Association instructor will offer a class during our course for students who do not have their CPR/First Aid Certification. The cost of this 5-hour class is $70. For upcoming classes or to register, contact TKHCI.

$$$: American Red Cross and Chesapeake AED Services

The American Red Cross presents an adult CPR/AED class several times a month in Baltimore. The course is offered online and in a classroom, and costs participants $70.

Finally, Chesapeake AED Services offers American Heart Association CPR, AED, and First Aid courses for people every month at their training facility in Baltimore County. Check their schedule online to register for their $80 class.

For more information about free and low-cost CPR/First Aid Certification courses, contact Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute today.


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