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Why Choose Hands-On CNA Training Instead of Online Classes?

If you’re considering pursuing your CNA or GNA certification, you’ve no doubt come across a variety of online courses promising quick certification and a convenient way to learn all that you need to know to pass your required exams. While those online courses are indeed flexible, they don’t offer you the same experience as a classroom or hands-on course. 

Taking an in-person CNA certification course not only helps ensure that you learn everything you need to know, but it also gives you the opportunity to connect more closely with your instructors and ask for special attention or help with certain concepts you may have trouble with. This is something that states and certification bodies take very seriously. In many states, like Maryland, online CNA and GNA certification courses are not recognized. 

If your state allows online courses and you’re weighing an online course against a hands-on course, it’s helpful to learn the benefits of why a classroom-based course is the ideal choice.

Classroom Courses Foster More Interaction

There’s no denying that learning in a room of other like-minded individuals can foster a rich learning environment—you’ll be privy to other people’s questions, concerns, and struggles, and you’ll gain experience by answering what you know, and helping people with things you’re good at. In the same vein, those same people may have strengths where you have weaknesses, and can be great allies in the classroom.

There’s Less Chance of Falling Behind

If you’re taking an online course, and aren’t quite grasping a certain concept or block of the class, it can be very easy to fall behind in coursework and what you have a working knowledge of. Falling behind can mean the difference between passing your exams at the end of the class, so it’s essential that you have the ability and option to address any parts of the course that you’re stuck on before they become problematic. If you’re taking an online course, the workload is most likely very fast-paced, leaving you little wiggle room to find help.

Getting the Hands-On Training You Need

Online courses are convenient for not needing to go to a physical location for classwork, but the truth is, you need the hands-on training for nursing that you can only get from real-world instructors. Being able to demonstrate knowledge and ability is a key part to obtaining your CNA certification, and unless you have had guidance and mentorship in person from teachers who know the coursework inside and out, you may be heading into your exams at a disadvantage.

Of course, online courses can be the right choice for some people, but from a big-picture standpoint, onsite classes provide many benefits that online courses simply cannot offer. Participating in classroom CNA certification courses helps ensure you get the proper education and experience you need in order to pursue the career of your dreams. For more information about taking the steps to get your CNA certification, contact Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute today.

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