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Free CNA/GNA Career Night at Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute

Pursuing a career as a certified nursing assistant or geriatric nursing assistant (CNA or GNA, respectively) is an exciting step to take in your life. If you’re considering taking the leap, but aren’t quite sure, Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute’s free career night is perfect for you. You’ll get all of the information you need to make your decision, and you’ll also have a head start when it comes to finding a great school to do your training with.

The event will take place on Wednesday, February 3, 2016, from 6 p.m, at Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute, located at 19 E Fayette St., Suite 401 in Baltimore, MD.

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What’s Involved in CNA and GNA Work?

At this career night, you can expect to learn all about what a CNA/GNA does, which includes:

  • Bathing and dressing patients
  • Serving meals, helping patients eat
  • Taking and monitoring vital signs
  • Turning/repositioning bedridden patients
  • Answering patient calls
  • Examining bruises and other injuries or wounds
  • Acting as a go-between for patients and doctors/nurses, recording and communicating all issues to medical staff.

GNAs perform many of the same functions, but specialize in working with geriatric patients. Other duties for CNAs and GNAs may include transporting patients, setting up equipment, and preparing facility rooms with necessary supplies.

Certification Requirements

At TKHCI’s career night, you’ll also get important information about how to obtain CNA/GNA certification. In order to become certified, you’ll need to complete a CNA training program, which includes both classwork and hands-on training. Once you’ve completed the training program, you’ll have to pass an exam proving your competency.

During this January open house, you’ll glean helpful information about how to go about completing these requirements. GNA certification requires passing the GNA state exam, in addition to acquiring CAN certification, but this is only required for those who wish to work in nursing homes or rehabilitation units.

Job and Career Information

This career night will also feature information about what you can expect with regards to job and career placement after you’re certified. You’ll learn about employment rates, where you can expect to work (one-on-one with patients, facilities, etc.) and other opportunities in healthcare, as well as salary information.

The information presented at this free career night will help decide whether CNA/GNA certification is for you. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute’s CNA/GNA training programs, which will prepare you for your certification exams.

For more information about becoming a CNA/GNA or if you have any questions about this free career night, contact Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute today.

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