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Top Knowledge Healthcare Students Get Top Scores on 2015 GNA Certification Exam

Recently, the Maryland Board of Nursing released their list of 2015 GNA certification exam pass rates in Maryland, which includes all private schools and community colleges in Baltimore. Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute appeared toward the top of the list with one of the best pass rates.


How We Got There

Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute’s high standards push students to discover their full potential as nursing assistants. We work hard to provide the most comprehensive education possible in this industry, and this achievement reflects those efforts.

The list includes pass rates from the beginning to end of 2015, with rates ranging from 100% at the top to 0% at the bottom. Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute is among the top rankings, with a combined average of 94.45% pass rate for the written and skills portions of the GNA certification exam. This pass rate displays how our school has effectively prepared students for careers as nursing assistants, with knowledgeable staff who have been able to provide students with the education they need.

With continued top-notch education and training, we hope we can raise that pass rate to 100% in the years to come.

Getting a CNA/GNA Certification at Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute

At Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute, we are dedicated to providing CNA and GNA students with the best possible education to prepare them for flourishing careers as nursing assistants. As our pass rate shows, we have managed to remain successful in our efforts, giving students all of the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Considering the fact that the Maryland Board of Nursing recognizes us for our ability to help nursing assistant students excel, we hope that this encourages future students continue to look to us for their education. The MBON has developed specific regulations for nursing assistant training programs and exams, which TKHCI exceeds.

When students take the GNA certification exam at our school, they should have the resources they need to perform well, and our pass rate shows that we have provided our students with all of the knowledge and training to help them get started.

Get Some of the Best CNA/GNA and GNA Training in Maryland

If you would like to be among the passing students who take the GNA certification exam at TKHCI, enroll with us today and we’ll help you begin a long and fruitful career as a certified nursing assistant.

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Explore the possibilities about becoming a Certified/Geriatric Nursing Assistant at Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute at an information session!

During the information sessions you will learn about financial assistance and scholarships that are available to students enrolled our program. Also covered during the information session is the admission and application process.

A school tour will also be available to those that attend. Please see the academic calendar for our next upcoming information session. We look forward to meeting you!