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Pharmacy Technician Training Program

Program Description

The 300-clock hour pharmacy technician training program is approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission and the Maryland Board of Pharmacy. It is composed of theory, laboratory and a clinical component. The theory portion consists of 90 clock hours, the laboratory portion is 50 clock hours and the clinical component is 160 clock hours. The program is 13 weeks in duration and can only be completed in the morning.Upon program completion the graduate will be eligible to become registered as a pharmacy technician in the state of Maryland and also to sit for the national Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam

Why Choose Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute?

We believe firmly that when our students succeed, the school succeeds. With that being said, we are totally committed to the success of ALL our students. This commitment begins on Day 1 and it never ends.

Enrollment Requirements for Pharmacy Technician Training Program

Registration Requirements 1 – 5 have to be met by the time of registration. Remaining requirements have to be met by the first day of class.

  1. Complete our enrollment application.
  2. Bring your photo ID and your social security card.
  3. Bring your $100.00 registration fee. Payments can be made by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, and American Express), cashier check or money order.
  4. Bring your high school diploma or GED.
  5. Score a minimum of 270 on the verbal (qualitative) section of the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test. Score a minimum of 250 on the math (quantitative) section of the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test.
  6. Proof of Hepatitis B vaccine or signed waiver form. Click here for the Hepatitis B waiver form.
  7. Proof of a current health physical examination within 9 months of the enrollment date. Click here for the school physical form.

Pharmacy Technician Training Program Class Schedule

  • 13 weeks in duration
  • Includes 7 weeks of classroom and 6 weeks of clinical
  • Class hours: Monday-Thursday from 9 am-2:30 pm.
  • Clinical hours: Varies

Upcoming Pharmacy Technician training program class schedule

Daytime Program Start DateDaytime Program End Date

Pharmacy Technician Training Program Program Costs

Grand Total$1,830.00
Registration Fee$ 100.00
Textbook and Workbook$ 130.00

Other Charges

  • Navy Blue Scrub Top and Pants (approximate costs) payable to any uniform store-$30.00
  • Waist length and white long-sleeved lab coat (approximate costs) payable to any uniform store-$30.00

Payment Plans

AmountDue Date
$100.00At Registration
$430.00First Day of Class
$450.00Week 3
$450.00Week 5
$400.00Week 7

Garage Parking

Students can park for FREE at 210 St. Paul Place parking garage. In order to take advantage of the FREE parking at 210 St. Paul Place parking garage, students must obtain parking coupons from Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute.

To learn more about enrolling in Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute’s Pharmacy Technician training program, contact us today.


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